This is what we look like

after a year without a haircut


We are just average people who also experienced the last year and thought it might be nice to be proactive vs. reactive for a change. After a year of heavy-duty commiserating about our challenges and struggles (we had a lot of time on our hands!), we realized there were some things about the dreaded COVID YEAR that, actually… weren’t so bad? And, of course, there were things about our pre-pandemic lives that we weren’t exactly itching to get back to. 

Our next obvious thought was “hmm… how can we break through the noise of our busy everyday lives to identify what we liked and what we did not like, so we can set our intentions in the present to make sure our futures are closer to what we actually want?” A mouthful, we know, but that’s how the Charting Tool began. Don’t worry, we spent more time working on it than we did on that description!

Our goal is to move forward into whatever’s next with purpose and forethought. We’re starting with the Charting Tool and will be expanding to other projects as things change (which we fully expect them to).

So, no matter how you found us, we’re excited you’re here. If you want to get in touch with your feedback or ideas, say hi!